M&A Monitor CHINA 2016 : Record Valuations in China

M&A Monitor CHINA 2016 : Record Valuations in China

Munich, February 2016

Recently, very high M&A activity of Chinese companies can be observed not only in foreign countries such as Germany, but especially within China. In essential sectors, such as automotive suppliers and machinery, a double-digit number of transactions have been conducted.

The company valuations in China are – also for Chinese purchasers – significantly higher than for example in Europe. Reviews of listed companies achieve world-record level.

MelchersRaffel monitors and analyzes the M&A activity in Europe to China, China to Europe and within China for many years. In our M&A Monitor CHINA 2016, covering sectors such as automotive, machinery, chemical, healthcare / pharmaceutical and consumer products, we highlight the M&A events and trends within China and the axis Europe – China.

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